Boricuas – The Rules Of Any Game Can Be Learned

Hola Mi Gente,

So, how’s 2018 turning out for us so far with this racist president in office? Looking prosperous or heading for disaster?

Do you feel confident about the future of this country or may you find yourself a bit concerned?

With the way our country is going and the lack of leadership we have at the presidency, it’s important to understand a dark ugly truth. We can’t and shouldn’t wait for one man to make our situations better for us. That responsibility is up to us. 

It is up to us to educate ourselves and learn strategies, laws and any bit of information that will give us a strong foundation to work from a position of strength. At the end of the day, its a game, and to be successful at the game it’s important to know the rules of such game. Today’s game is, “What are the rules of the United States of America?”

This is a game, or at least play it as one. One where you read the rules and understand what they mean, for you individually and for the whole as a nation. This is nothing new because before you would play any game be it cards, ball or puzzle games you needed to know the rules of the game to play it well with the goal to win. Because, why play any game if you’re not in it to win it? This game has been played since the founding of this country and the rules must be learned to play the game well and to prosper.

When was the last time you read or listened to a reading of The Declaration Of Independence, or The Constitution…what about The Bill Of Rights and all the Amendments changing, limiting or enhancing powers to and away from The People?

If you’ve never read them then how do you really know what it says? Are you depending on someone else for your freedom? So many around the world would sacrifice much to learn to read, yet here we are blessed with the ability to read, but we don’t fully take advantage of this blessing. Why? 

How are we expected to play a game well if we don’t know the rules? At the end of the day, Puerto Ricans are 100% citizens of the United States of America, but for some ignorant reason, many others forget this fact. So, it is our responsibility to re-learn what was hopefully taught in your school as a kid, but if not, the links to the most important documents which govern this nation will be provided throughout this post. All you’ll need to do is read them, learn them and use them to empower you and your loved ones. 

There is a very ugly reason why I believe this is important for us. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed how our current administration had let loose the hounds of Immigration and began rounding up people who have lived here almost all their lives. They lived clean lives, produced for their community and the economy we all share and yet they are considered the problem. Well, how soon before they want to single out Puerto Ricans?

We’ve seen how those with blind faith for trump justify every slimy thing he does. So, it’s not too far-fetched to conceive they’ll use any excuse to justify their actions against us when it serves their purposes. For this reason alone I believe it’s important we all read what these binding documents mean to us specifically and protect ourselves with the truth and the laws we are all governed by. 

I will do my best to provide you all the proper links to all these important documents which govern our country and those solely related to Puerto Rico. But, if I should neglect to include something you feel may contribute to empowering our family of Boricuas then please feel free to contact me at It is only by working together can we help empower each other. 

May Peace, Love & Harmony Guide Your Days!


The Declaration Of Independence 

The Constitution of The United States and The Bill of Rights and All Amendments 

The US Constitution- 14th. Amendment

Articles of Impeachment

Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s History 1900 – 1949

Puerto Rico’s History 1949 – 2010